NREN service portfolios

This matrix is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of all services that GEANT NRENs offer nationally.

As default, all services are displayed in order of descending popularity and you can use the left and right arrows to the side of the table to scroll through them. If you hover over the service name, a more detailed explanation of that service is displayed. Because there are over 70 services, they have been sorted by category (some services appear in more than one) and to view a particular category only, please select the service category you wish to view from the check boxes above the table. If you select any cell where the service is showing as deployed, any information that the NREN has provided on that service is displayed (typically a link to more information on that service on their own website). You call also select the NREN name to view more information on the organisation, including contact details should you wish to follow up regarding a particular service.

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